Distribution & Wholesale
Part Time, Interim and Project CFO


We help distributors and wholesalers anticipate and understand changes affecting their business. We provide innovative solutions and specific profit improvement programs and will assist in implementing strategic plans. In addition we can address:;

  • Inventory controls analysis and design
  • Alternative inventory controls
  • Evaluation of international opportunities
  • Mergers & acquisitions assistance including due diligence and negotiations support
  • Work force recruitment, training, compensation
  • Oversight and training of existing accounting personnel
  • Compensation and benefit consulting
  • Analyzing investments in technology
  • Technology support, including systems needs and analysis, implementation and training
  • Design and modeling of product pricing levels including financial revenue and cash flow forecasts
  • Cash flow management and planning
  • Financial analysis, including gross margin by customer and/or location, inventory costing, and overhead allocations
  • Assistance with bank financing applications, cash flow, projections and analyses related to debt restructure
  • Cost control of workers compensation and other insurance issues
  • Evaluation of internal controls and accounting policies and procedures, designing and implementing internal control systems
  • Audit preparation support
  • Interim CFO upport including recruiting and hiring of new personnel



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