Government/Defense Contracting DCAA Auditing
Part Time, Interim and Project CFO


Nperspective is in a unique position in that one of our partners has five years experience as a DCAA Auditor. Government contractors are subject to a wide range of unique accounting regulations. Unless a proper accounting system is in place, a contractor can be faced with enormous difficulties, not the least of which is lost profits and lost control. Let an Ex-DCAA Auditor help design your accounting system to take advantage of all the allowable reimbursements due under your government contracts.


We can help in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of DCAA compliant job costing and accounting systems
  • Audit preparation and support including DCAA audits
  • Design and implementation of job costing and bidding models and systems including work in process reporting
  • Tax structuring or re-structuring including corporate, partnership and individual concerns
  • Asset protection analysis Assistance with bank financing applications, cash flow, projections and analyses related to debt restructure
  • Financial analysis, including gross margin, job costing, bidding procedures and results of cost overruns, change orders, overhead allocations and warranty costs
  • Cost control of workers compensation and other insurance issues
  • Oversight and training of existing accounting personnel
  • Evaluation of internal controls and accounting policies and procedures, designing and implementing internal control systems
  • Technology support, including systems needs and analysis, implementation, and training
  • Interim CFO support including recruiting and hiring of new personnel



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