Manufacturing Industries
Part Time, Interim Project CFO


Companies often face rising labor and input costs, increased competition, shrinking margins and rapidly changing technology. Having served the chief financial role with manufacturing companies in the past our partners know how to face these challenges with proven experience and solid ideas to address the concerns of the manufacturing industry.


Our services include:

  • Design and modeling of product pricing levels including financial revenue and cash flow forecasts
  • Design and implementation of inventory costing and bidding models and systems including work in process reporting
  • Evaluation of sales productivity and analysis of operational processes and procedures
  • Sales and operational personnel evaluation and review
  • Oversight and training of existing accounting personnel
  • Mergers & acquisitions assistance including due diligence and negotiations support
  • Cost control of workers compensation and other insurance issues
  • Financial analysis, including gross margin, inventory costing, job costing and overhead allocations
  • Assistance with bank financing applications, cash flow, projections and analyses related to debt restructure
  • Inventory controls analysis and design
  • Evaluation of internal controls and accounting policies and procedures, designing and implementing internal control systems
  • Technology support, including systems needs and analysis, implementation, training
  • Audit preparation support
  • Interim CFO including recruiting and hiring of new personnel



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